the writer...

i love Jesus.

 i love my husband.

 i love my lyla

 and my olivia

and my elias.

and my zeruiah.

 i love coffee...oh goodness do i *love* coffee.

 i love sleep.

 i really love nap time, though, no one really naps around here anymore.

 i love to read.

 i love to laugh.

 i love to cry.

 i love to bake.

 i love to knit.

 i love to be really loud.

 i love to be really quiet...

 i hate having to go to bed at night.

and that is why you could find me most nights curled up in my office chair with a mug of coffee in hand, here.  not because i have anything profound to write or say, but because i have met Jesus in amazing ways in the amazingly mundane and i can't. keep. quiet.

so i write and pray that what He is gently teaching me just might find our hearts meeting in these quiet moments in this little corner that i've made.

so please, pull up your chair and join me for a bit.  i would love it if you did...