sunny sunday...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

..."lyla, please don't open that." "lyla, mama said 'no'". "okay lyla, let's move over..."

and then, if you will, imagine the screaming that ensued.

my daughter is stubborn. she must get that from her daddy. she is also tall. she gets that from me. (really?) combine those two traits and she determines that if she can reach AND open it, she will. no matter the consequences. until today. today, my precious little girl got her first shiner. from trying to open the computer cabinet - because yes, she can reach it. and evidently can open it too.

today was also a day of squishing our fingers in the drawer that was so gentle before. that was fun. but no pictures.

but despite the craziness of my accident prone snugies, we did have a great day. the mcfarlands came over for lunch and we got to ooh and ahh over each others babies. we went for a happy walk to starbucks that resulted in much pointing at puppies. (lyla did the pointing...just in case anyone was wondering.) we also got in some rest. today i was so thankful that God thought of creating a day of rest. we really needed it, and it was lovely.

oh, and tony took a picture of me:). 1 day short of 20 weeks. (seriously, when did that happen????)