joy riders...updated

Saturday, July 14, 2007

...sometimes when tony talks, it's super fast. so fast that it is hard to understand him. (ask any of his employees and they'll nod wisely with their eyes open wide.) so when he walked through the door at a hundred miles an hour asking me how many days 120 hours were, it took me a few seconds to catch up.

me: "well, 120 hours is 15 working that would be 3 weeks right?" obviously, i hadn't comprehended what he was actually saying...

fast talking husband: "they're going to sell our car at auction if we don't pick it up in 120 hours, and it was recovered 7 days ago!"

me: "huh?"

fth: "our car - it's been found!"

me: "okay, then we are WAY past 120 hours!"

thankfully, our car hasn't been auctioned off...and i am posting this before we have a chance to see what the actual damage is. but i just wanted to say that God is so good. either way, we were okay with what the outcome was. both of us have had our rough days, both of us have questioned, but ultimately, we've known that we were being taken care of by our Heavenly Father. even to the point of going out last night to buy a car 30 minutes away, only to discover once we got there that tony had forgotten his wallet. each step, each detail was in His control.

i'll update with the final outcome when we get "the bishop" back:).

funny how something so exciting can also have some clouds overhead. we waited for over 4 hours for the tow company to call us back in order to pick up the car. after some hassle and the possibility of paying an extra $100, we were able to at least look at the car yesterday.
yes, you read an extra $100. not only was our car stolen, it was impounded for 7 days before we were alerted to the fact. the policeman who promised to call as soon as it was found didn't and so we were charged an extra $1000 on top of the hassle of our car being stolen. oh well. if that's the worst...
anyways, dave and mary amendt were actually down visiting when we got the news, and dave and tony were able to go check out the car together...which was a blessing because i was way to emotional about the whole thing. the only real damage that was done was to a tire, the driver side door and they used a "jimmy" key in order to start the we need to replace the starter. they did take the carseat and stroller and a few other personal belongings (which is just weird), but according to the police report the suspect(s) was apprehended so we may get some of it back.
but we have our car back...pretty much in one piece. i asked tony if he hugged it when he saw it...and i got the strangest look back along with the reply: "no, i saved that job for you..."
if it was possible to hug God, i think i would. but i'll settle for hugging the car. i know it's just a car, but after everything it and we have gone through, it deserves to have the dickens squeezed out of it!!