our two girls...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

lyla has now taken to the camera. as you can tell, she hasn't quite figured out how it totally works yet:).
i forgot how much newborns sleep. and how much toddlers don't:).
quiet moments with my newest girl...and she's awake!!
can you see the drool of milk?:)my precious firstborn...
...and the blankie that protects from all harm:)
mom bought us dinner the other night, but lyla had better ideas for the bag:)

yay for this new stage in life! i know once everyone leaves and i'm on my own while tony's at work, i may feel a tad overwhelmed, but my life feels richer and fuller already. and lyla is adjusting to having livie in the house so well. after a couple of incidents of throwing her binkie at livie's head, she is now becoming quite the little helper. she loves throwing dirty diapers away (hey, if she's happy, i won't stop her!), she loves helping me pat "baby's" back to hear the burp, and she loves, loves, loves giving "baby" kisses. or "E" as livie has been so lovingly named:). i couldn't be more thankful to have these two little ones in my life!