second check-up...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

...this picture is of me, charlotte (my midwife) and her assistant kari. we went to livie's 10 day check-up today to make sure everything is okay - and it is:). we also discovered that livie went from a 7lb 12 oz birth weight to a whopping 8lb 10 oz! charlotte told me that out of the 1721 babies she's delivered, this is almost a record for weight gain in the first 2 weeks. so, yay for my boobs!:)
i'm so thankful for these two women (kim couldn't be there today...). they made this whole experience worth every pain filled second:). i almost can't wait to do it again! however, i haven't had the girls totally on my own yet - we'll see how i'm feeling in a couple of weeks after tony's mom has left.