Wednesday, August 8, 2007

...still pregnant.

last time i went into labour on my due date. this time, due date came and went. (well, i guess i still have 3 more due dates to pass through.)

because of that, i never experienced the "so...are you still pregnant?" questions. or if i call my husband, the screaming of his workers in the background "IS SHE IN LABOUR?"

kind of annoying.

however, i'm very hormonal. that could be why those questions aren't my favorite, and why i don't always respond well.

please know, dear reader, that if not me, i will have my mom post the moment i go into REAL labour (yes, there have been 2 false starts...argh), and then when olivia finally makes it into the world.

because if you ask, i just may bite your head off.

can't say you weren't warned:).