2 months...(3 days late)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

i've been delinquent in posting about livie turning 2...months. her one month came and went without me posting anything due to the fact that i was so sleep deprived i couldn't think straight. this month, i'm not as sleep deprived, just incredibly busy, but i did sing to her on saturday...that counts, right?
i must admit that i'm glad we are at the two month point. i feel like i have a set routine most days and we are all up and ready before 9 most mornings. crazy. i never thought that would be possible. even getting out of the house with 2 isn't as hard as i thought it would be. lyla loves holding our hands now when we are out and about and only throws the occasional tantrum when she realizes that she still needs to hold my hand in the store too. life feels full. it feels busy. but it feels complete and satisfying too. having 2 under 2? i'd do it all over again in a minute! now 3 under 3? i'm not going to push it...
things about livie, seeing as i booked her two month check-up late so i don't have her vitals:

-she doesn't sleep. seriously. we calculated in a 36hour block of time she slept for 5 hours. not straight through, little bits here and there. did i mention being sleep deprived? (being "baby wise"? not this girl!)

-her personality is starting to come through. she's happy, happy, happy unless she has pooped or is tired. watch out if it's both.

-she adores lyla, and who wouldn't?

-i can't imagine my life without her.