the blankie...

Saturday, October 13, 2007

there is a soft, pink blankie in our home that means protection. it has come to be the extra set of hands needed when mama's are full. it's the best friend that hasn't been met yet. it's the keeper of the secrets of a curly haired little girl. it listens to the stories of a imaginative mind. it's warmth in the middle of the darkest of nights. the catcher of tears. the fellow traveller to scary places like: the nursery when mama goes to bible study and church, or when we go to a friends house and we are sleepy. for now, if blankie is in hand, all is right with the world.

over time, this blankie will become frayed. not from lack of care, but from an over abundance of love. the stitches may fray, it may become tattered and torn, the soft pink may, in time, become grey, but it will be those imperfections that will make it become even more priceless.

i'm learning a lot through this simple piece of fabric. i'm learning that love is better when it's a bit worn. i'm learning that it's those spots that can't be washed out no matter how hot the water, or how strong the bleach, that bring a smile because of the memory.

i'm learning that life is so much sweeter, so much better, because of who is in it. it's those people that have become the secret keepers, the fellow travellers, the extra set of hands, the tear wipers that make the hard times a bit more bearable. as my girls grow older, i hope they will always have a special place in their hearts for their blankies, but i also hope that their hearts will grow and expand to include the love of others.

because, when you think about it, everyone needs a good snuggle...