yummy innards...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

...not the most appetizing of titles, but 1. it's halloween and 2. they really are yummy innards!

lately i've been doing really well at having the girls nap at the same time. it's been tricky seeing as livie rarely sleeps, but it's been doable. by the time lunch rolls around livie is definitely ready for some sleepy time. since i was planning on working with hot sugar i was going to wait to make my pumpkin seed recipe once both girls were down.

silly me.

instead i had a helper...well, more of a watcher/observer who didn't want to go to dreamland. instead, she wanted to chat with mama. i was okay with it - she still stays put when i set her down somewhere:).
i had everything ready...pot. check. baked pumpkin seeds. check. ingredients i didn't take a picture of. check.
foil wrapped cookie sheet. check.
yummy, yummy, caramelly, gooey outcome. CHECK!!