the day that changed my life...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

...two years have gone by so quickly. faster then i could have ever imagined, and so much faster then my heart is prepared for. as i checked in on lyla tonight after she had fallen asleep and looked at her sweet little face, i realized that i couldn't find any trace of baby in her anymore. so, i've sat here for the past hour looking back at the last two years, remembering what it was like to bring her home. and my arms ache to hold her tiny baby self once more.

but how exciting to face another new year with her!! i can't wait to see what this year unfolds for her. hopefully being potty trained is one of the things that will happen sooner then later:).

so, happy birthday sweet lyla. my last two years have been anything but dull and bland since you came into my life. i'm more in love with you then i ever thought possible. you have added so much wonder and innocence to my life. i'm so glad that it was you who first made me a mama. i love you.