6 months later...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

...it's so hard to believe olivia is 6 months old today. maybe because of everything that has happened since her birth it makes it seem like time has flown. her personality is emerging at full blast and she is just as happy and funny as her big sister! i love watching who she is becoming, and i'm loving the extra laughter that she brings.

i took her into her 6 month check up before we left, so her measurements may be a tad off now, but so far:

weight 17lbs 3 oz
height 27 inches

and that's all i can remember - the paperwork is packed away somewhere and that somewhere is around spokane. goodness, i'm hoping this moving fiasco is done soon - thankfully tony is now home safe and sound!

anyways...happy 6 month birthday olivia grace!! i love you so much!!