the little party that could...

Monday, February 4, 2008

as you'll see in one of the posts below, i was planning on having a low key day for lyla's birthday. you'll also note that i admitted to the fact that being low-key is slightly impossible when it comes to our friends and family.
as tony and i began packing up our belongings for the impending move, i just couldn't imagine making our home look bright and festive when the only thing my heart wanted to do was break into a million little pieces. the friendships and family that have surrounded us in our time in washington are incredible and amazing and so hard to leave. i wanted to celebrate the life of my daughter, but i didn't know how it was going to come together.

so, we put out the word that we'd be serving ice cream and cake...and that was about 6. feeling like a horrible mom and hostess, i set about trying not to cry and asked tony if he could go to costco and *gasp* buy a cake.

if i had truly thought about it, i would have burst into tears as more and more people came through our door, some bearing balloons, others holding gifts and i think someone brought the ice cream:). my home was filled with laughter that night. i think we were all aware of how fleeting the remaining days were and we made the most of it.

and leaving was made just a tiny bit harder. thanks guys...:)

lyla invented a game call "wee". i'm sure it's not new to other moms and dads, but she delights in it. she crawls up onto my back, hooks her arms around my neck and yells "wee" as i drop forward to the ground. not wanting to keep the fun to herself, she taught all her other friends the game. maybe that's why my back is out...

ken and gabe made sure that they got in on the fun by doing...something. i'm not sure what they were doing, but that is one of the two comforters in the bedsets that my sister-in-law made for lyla and livie's new rooms. check out her site "avery's attic" in the side bar. (yes, i shamelessly endorse my sister:).)

and here is kristyn making sure that livie got some equal time and attention:).