tony's accident...

Monday, February 11, 2008

...some of you may have heard already, some may not have, but i got a phone call from tony this morning letting me know that he had been in an accident. because he was on a borrowed cell phone i didn't get the whole story, but his mom and i were able to piece quite a bit of it together when i called her.

i'm not exactly sure where he stopped for the night last night, he called me after midnight to let me know that he had pulled in at a little motel after coming through a blizzard and was going to get up in the morning to meet the movers at the border so they could go through together. from what i understand, he was driving on the freeway this morning and lost control on some black ice going around a corner. the car did some 360's across the lanes where he collided into a truck that was parked on the side of the road to help another driver that lost control on the same spot. thankfully no one was hurt, but our car is pretty much a loss.

at least it was just the car.

now, i just want my husband home with me more then ever.

please keep us in your prayers.