something good...

Monday, March 31, 2008

my frister (sister/friend) and my friend's sister run a site called "something good" (see the red button on my sidebar) that encourages women to write something encouraging about their husbands. each week there is a new topic to *love on* your husband about and this week is about *the first time you knew*.

as on their site and i'll state on mine...i know that there are some women who don't have anything good to write about their husbands and my heart aches for each of you. there have been times when i have wondered about placing the button on the my site knowing that there is extremely deep pain that those i love and know are experiencing. please know, that i don't write this about my husband to flaunt or brag about my marriage. that is the last thing i want to do. i do write this about him to encourage him and as a way to thank Jesus. if you are hurting or are feeling discouraged and hopeless, please check this link that becky and holly have so thoughtfully put on their site.

okay, here it goes:

the first time that i knew tony was the one was my freshmen year in college. he walked by the desk i was sitting in wearing his *magic toque*, sat down several rows over and a couple of desks up, put his head in his arms and i was hooked. never thought he would notice me though and it took him 4 years to do so...i'm so glad he did:)