my choice...

Monday, April 14, 2008

...i have a couple of things mulling around in my brain about what i can write about tony for this *lovin' on* post.

and if i really had to narrow it down...

i guess i could write about he so thoughtfully snuck out of the house with livie yesterday morning and took her over to gramma's so that she could play with lyla and i could sleep.

i could also write about how the rest of the day was spent snuggling in bed reading our book together that we stay up until all hours of the night reading and venturing out once or twice to check on the girls and grab a latte.

oh! there's also that concert he took me to last week that wasn't his cup of tea at all, but he sat with his arm around me and kept the mocking comments to a minimum. (even though i know you wanted to throw in a few more:).)

if i really wanted to, i could add how he whispered in my ear yesterday evening as we were sitting all by ourselves in the back corner of a field that he has always pursued me and always will.

or how he brought a glorious bouquet of gerbera daisies home from work to grace the kitchen table. they're happy. they're huge.

i guess if i had my choice, i'd write about all of them...and i did!! :)

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