my *lovin' on* post...

Monday, April 7, 2008

this week over at *something good*, the title topic is *prayer warrior* asking wives to describe a time when their husband has prayed for her.

just this morning, as i was desparately trying to win a battle of wills with my very strong willed two year old, the phone rang. having missed several phone calls this morning because of this *will match* i almost didn't hear it when it rang this time. i'm sure upon hearing my voice tony immediately knew something was wrong and so he asked how my morning was going. when i told him, without skipping a beat he said, "i've been praying for you and the girls all morning"...and the thing is, i know he was. every day my husband covers our whole family with prayer and even if the day has gone horribly wrong or wondrously perfect, he has prayed for us. so this i know...if it wasn't for his prayers, the wrong would probably end up being wronger and the happy probably wouldn't have been quite as joyous.

i guess this isn't a specific time...but when i know he prays for us whenever we're on his mind...every time is specific, right?:)