no, my papa...please...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

lately lyla has been using the word *no* at the beginning of sentences for things or people that she wants. for example: "no, my blanket now...please" translates to, "i would really like my blanket, and if the only way i can get it is to say 'please', i guess i'll throw that in too."

today, as livie was napping and lyla wasn't, i was on the computer when lyla came running into the office and saw a picture of tony's parents on our desk. grabbing it she looked at me and said very adamantly, "no, my papa now...kiss...please", and proceeded to shower her picture papa with kisses. convinced he was really there, she hugged the picture close to her chest and carried papa and nana with her for most of the afternoon.

during supper, which she didn't eat, she found a toy buffalo that nana had given her and brought another toy to the table, it's a toy that she calls *papa*. regularly, she and *papa* have many meaningful conversations. as i watched her while i was cleaning up, she was trying to convince *papa* that he needed to take the buffalo for a ride. i think after seeing both pictures you'll understand the confusion:)
the *real* papa

the *other* papa