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Thursday, May 1, 2008

so...i'm a couple of days late with the newest prompt on *something good*, but better late then never, huh?:)

this time we're supposed to write of what we did on our first anniversary.

for our first anniversary, tony took the weekend off so we could go into calgary to spend a few days together - we watched one scary movie (red dragon) and one romantic movie (sweet home alabama) and had an amazing dinner...i think we shopped a lot too.

i'm thankful for that weekend, because i think it was the day after we got home, tony got laid off from his job. we had already applied for my paperwork so i could live in the US and were told i would have all my documents in hand by the end of the month. trusting the person we had talked to, tony and i packed up our apartment and tony headed down to WA ahead of me so get everything ready for my imminent arrival.

9 long months later, i was finally able to cross the border and resume being a wife to my wonderful husband. the memories that we made that first year and that anniversary weekend became so precious to me in the loneliness of those months.