11 months and 4 days...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

i'm finding it hard to believe that my tiny baby who made me aware to what labour was like without drugs is almost a year old. soon, i'll have two toddlers running me in circles. but i'm loving every minute it of it!
some major feats of the last month:

livie can now say *hi* and *bye*, *ta-ta* (of the thank you variety), and *oops-a-dee* (for oops-a-daisy).

her personality has totally come out in full force this month - and it's so much fun to see it first hand! she's hilarious!

she loves to swim in the pool - not only is she hilarious, she's fearless. once she found out that i would catch her once she fell face first in the water, she continually stood up and fell forward for the next 20 minutes expecting me to catch her. didn't seem to bother her at all. she definitely keeps me on my toes.

and - the biggest news of all:

she is finally sleeping a full 12 1/2 hours through the night! thank You, Lord!! this ranks up there with realizing that tony was interested in me!

so here's my *almost baby no more*...