only one of these is dynamite...

Friday, July 4, 2008

(tony wants to know if you can guess which one:)!)

it was the middle of the desert, the sky over the horizon bleached white by the sun. i looked at a thermometer and saw the the temperature had surpassed the 100F mark. it wasn't even 11am yet.

it was hot.

tony pulled our car into a ramshackle of a place and told me to get out.

i knew what we were doing. i had heard of this place before and oh! i had always wanted to go.

at an undisclosed location that i have sworn to not reveal, i followed my husband down a windy path past the *first* fireworks stand to the other hidden *stand* and slowly walked into the fireworks stand of all fireworks stands. i was in awe. and terrified that in the 100 degree heat the whole place was going to go up in a sparkle-y explosion.

these are the fireworks that you have to sign a waiver for. these are the real deal. these are the ones that have made me fall completely in love with the 4th of july. these are the ones that have been the cause of many of the baker boys stories that still cause tony to laugh until his eyes are full of tears.

so tonight, after we have all sat on the roof of tony's parents house and watched the 2000 town fireworks go off in the valley around us, tony and one of his younger brothers will set off the *waiver* fireworks in the driveway. this year i'll even get to set one off!

one of the neighbours warned us after the parade this morning that the police would be patrolling our particular neighbourhood tonight because of a certain band of brothers reputation...i think tony already has his escape route planned...should be fun!