a few of my favorite things...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

okay...a lot of my favorite things. but can i help it that these bring my heart joy?:)

hanging my clothes out on my new clothes line in the morning...nothing like the smell of sun wrapping itself around you at the start of the day the colour of autumn.
livie's new hairstyle
my apron and livie's favorite ball
sun sifted leavesmy bike leaning against my picket fence
the sun filtering through the curtains my sister madecooking with my husband in the kitchenlyla's love of eating *corn pops* to stall bedtime (or *porn cops* as she used to call them)livie's odd fascination of sitting in the dishwashermy pink tea kettle and the reminder of autumn behind itreading lyla a bed time story
having lyla fall asleep while she's listening to her favorite story of *her* King
the sweet stillness of night, the coziness of soft light. being safe and loved inside our home...