Monday, September 8, 2008

last week, julie gave me this award...
i was both excited and humbled, because i've never met julie-though, through becky i've read her blog on a number of occasions and been truly blessed by her writings and her passion for Jesus.

so, i'm supposed to pass this blog and i would like to share the love with some of you:).

lola - your encouragement and sweet spirit have been a sweet balm to my soul - though we ran in different circles in college, i am so excited to be getting to know you through your writing. i love reading about your journey as you are becoming closer to Jesus - you are truly a blessing. and seriously, there is always a spot open on my couch for you - invite yourself over anytime.

becky - what can i say? you know the best and the worst and you still love me:). your ability to find truth and hope in the most mundane of situations is such an example to me to do the same. i see life in a whole new way because of your eyes. i love you so much.

darcy - my dear friend who is so far away. why did you have to move??:) i love seeing the updates of your little ones - makes me feel like i can get to know them. thank you for ploughing through some rough times with me - our friendship is priceless to me.

kristyn - i love you. i love your blog, i love your store, i love your words. and i love seeing how Jesus is taking care of you through this new journey you're on. i'm so glad you're my sister. and whenever i see my curtains, i think of you.

karalee - i love being able to see the snapshots into your life that you post - you are such an amazing mom and your boys are beyond adorable. i'm so glad that we have been able to reconnect.

jenny - you make me laugh. your subtle sarcasm is hilarious. you are doing an incredible job working full-time, parenting full-time and trying to find moments in between to blog. i can't wait to see pictures of your *peanut* - if he's anything like jackie, he'll be a heartbreaker.

jocelyn - your babies are so incredibly sweet. i love seeing the mischief that meghan gets into because it's the same things lyla gets into. (i guess that makes sense since they are only one day apart.) thank you for opening up your heart so i can catch a few glimpses:).

aimee - i understand how busy you are and how crazy life must get a times, but the moments when you can blog are so full of information that i grab a cup of coffee and snuggle up and read, and come away truly refreshed. you and andrew are doing such an amazing job as parents and in your work. know that you are being covered in prayer and love.
sarah - i can't even begin to imagine the emotions you are going through right now. you are so open and transparent and that is so rare. we'll be praying for you and jacob and for david's safety until he can come home. i love you.

so, please take this award and pass it on! i think you're supposed to tell the people you've tagged, but naptime is almost over and i'll get to it when i have a moment!