7 years...

Monday, October 6, 2008

i feel as though i've been counting down all weekend. reminiscing about key moments leading up to the most amazing day of my life. the nerves, the excitement, the *first* kiss. i love the memories i have from the day i became tony's wife.

but there should be another category. 8 years. october 3, 2000 was the day that tony and i came to an understanding. an understanding that we would wait. we would wait to put a label on our relationship - we would focus on a friendship first. we would wait to hold hands until my *man fast* was over that christmas. we would wait to kiss until our wedding.

and there were moments that i naively thought that marriage would mean a blissful ever after. yes, there has been blissful moments, but there have been hard moments too. moments where i have needed to grow, heal, change - but i haven't done it alone. as i've grown, healed and changed, our marriage has too.

i've been so blessed to watch tony become the man that God created him to be - and i've felt so safe as tony has watched the woman that i was created to be, emerge.

11 years ago, i saw tony for the first time. 8 years ago, my voice trembled as we talked over doughnuts and coffee. 7 years ago, i pledged my life to his. 1 minute ago, i looked into his eyes and told him i loved him all over again.

looks like we're making it.