the *blessing*...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

as fall turns colder and my home becomes cozier and my pumpkins have been acquired, i've been motivated to do something.

but *something* can be a pretty ambiguous word.

so i've wandered around my house, wanting to make small changes, but not knowing *what*.


i found myself stuck in the laundry room, surrounded by piles of sorted, dirty clothes and wishing i was anywhere but there.

over the past 7 years, i've never had a room completely de-voted to the glorious chore of clothes washing. and i don't say that with any sarcasm. seriously. i *love* doing the laundry. really. but i've never had a space that inspired me to tackle this wonderful domestic task.

case in point:

my first *laundry room* was in our bathroom - complete with miniature versions of a washer and dryer.

my second *laundry room* was complete with a stacked unit that almost fully blocked the shelves behind it. thankfully i could reach behind it...until i was 8 months pregnant and could no longer reach the laundry soap...

my third *laundry room* was *hidden* behind 2 lovely, 80's inspired slot closet doors (and as you can imagine, blocked out no sound) and was located in the hallway directly across from our living room.

my fourth *laundry room* was located in our garage. hot in the summer, cold, cold, cold in the rainy, damp seattle winter. oh. and it was complete with *he-uge* spiders that would somehow
find their way into my stacked, clean, folded laundry.

but, i least i've had a space to do laundry.

and now, i have a home with a whole room devoted to the task.

and i felt lost. i had no idea how to set it up.

and so i didn't.

i knew that i wanted a girly, feminine space (because my kitchen is *so* not feminine...ah-hem... have i mentioned that my ceiling in my previous house was painted pink?...poor tony!) but by the time we moved in, i was so overwhelmed with every other room that had to be put together...i let that one slide.

and i've felt so discouraged everytime i've gone in.

my sister, kristyn, made some very feminine and girly curtains for the windows in the space.


i read one article on home decorating and was reminded of a chapter in a book i read almost 2 years ago.

and so i went to work.

and *this* is what i came up with: let me welcome you into *the blessing room*.

why *the blessing room*?

thank you for asking.

the chapter in the book i read that i previously mentioned was on finding different and creative ways to pray for the members in your family, and what better way to do that then to pray blessings over each one as you fold their clothing?

so, not only do i have a space that feels organized, open and breezy; but i have a room where i can launder to my hearts content and pray blessings over my husband and my girls.

if you happen to come to my front door and knock (after discovering that my doorbell is broken, of course) don't leave if i don't come right away...i'm just lost in *the blessing's* i've been given.