happy birthday...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

~happy birthday to me,
happy birthday to me,
i may be in stir-rups,
on the day i turn thir-teeeeee!!!~

so, a long overdue answer to the question of when this lil' punkin is due.

as you'll see, i'm not very far along, though the *constant* nausea is making me feel like i've been pregnant forever. Lord, have mercy.

my hopefully not-going-to-happen-on-the-day-it's-predicted-it-will-happen is june 27. yup. the day i turn 30. and while i appreciate all the "what a perfect present" comments, i'm truly selfish about my birthday. and honestly, who wants to spend their birthday stuck in stirrups with their nether regions exposed for all to see? not me mister. i want to spend my birthday surrounded by my girlfriends, family and hubby and 2-out-of-the-womb baby girls. unless, punkin decides to come early and then i'm more then willing to include the newest one in the festivities.:)

hopefully posting will resume to normal at some point. trying to keep up with lyla and livie while fighting the good fight against the glorious season of life called *morning sickness* has put a slight damper on picture taking and ideas (babies do eat your brain, don't you know?). but i will overcome! or i'll lose my lunch trying...