the view from up here: part 1

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

yesterday morning broke cold and chilly. while i love this time of year, it was hard to get up and start getting ready.

i mean, who really looks forward to getting a full physical?

not me.

i was running around the house, late as usual, when there was a knock at the door. my mom, who was graciously skipping work, was there to sit with my girls so i could go and make sure my newly pregnant body was working that way a pregnant body should.

after answering the typical questions that one is asked i was asked to disrobe, put on a *backless* gown, wrap up in a sheet and sit in the chair by the doctor's desk and wait.

oh, and he shouldn't be that much longer.

i didn't realize that there was a clock behind me or else i would have known how much longer he really was, but i finished four chapters in my book. each chapter being 20 pages long.

i sat there for a really long time.

and those gowns ain't warm 'n cozy.

so after all the initial, awkward moments that happen between patient and doctor when one isn't there for just a sore throat, he brought out the magical dopler.

oh how i love the dopler.

because with that one, amazing, little machine...

i heard my baby's heart.

and it was beautiful.

this baby gets to listen to my heartbeat every moment of every day, but for one precious moment, i got to listen to their's.

beating strong at 178 beats a minute.

it never gets old. it never stops being amazing. it never ceases to bring me to the feet of my Heavenly Father in thankfulness and worship.

and so begins the mark of the journey.

here is the view from up here: part 1.