has it really been?...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

...in just a few short moments, the chapter to your second year will close. i remember one sunny afternoon, when i could still lay you on my lap, looking into your then-blue-eyes and trying to imagine what this day would be like. i couldn't fathom it, sweet one. just like i can't fathom that in 10 years you will be a teenager.
but let's not rush this...
you, in all your glorious, cautious curiosity, are a gift. and i know i don't tell you that often enough. but you are. the moment i first looked into your eyes, you captured me...even if i didn't fully realize it then.
you, in your now three year old body are an incredible dynamic of extremes. there doesn't seem to be much middle ground with you. you are either wildly happy or heart broken. you are fiercely loyal and extremely shy. you hate it when your little sister steals your beloved monkey, but are viciously protective when you feel she is being treated unjustly. (even if that *treatment* is due to her pulling your hair, stealing your monkey, sitting on your face, stealing your sippy, stealing your blankie, *patting* you in a not so gentle way...)
you are beautiful. in so many ways. and i love seeing who you are becoming.
i love how much you love Jesus. i love that the prospect of Him coming to your house to stay thrills you. i love how you tell Him you love Him every night.
i love that your hands are *sprinkle-ly* when you get out of the bath.
i love how you wail over having a booger, thinking that that will let you stay up just a bit longer.
i love how excited over the smallest things you get.
i love how you still come to me when you are sad.
i love that i, and only i, can tuck you in *snug as a bug* correctly.
i love that God has given you to me to care for.
did you know lyla mae, that you are my favorite lyla mae in the whole world?
and you always will be...
happy birthday, sweetheart. i love you more then you will ever know...