ah, livie...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

hearing a *crash* coming from the living room monday morning, i rushed in to see what the lastest casulty was. something looked different, i just couldn't figure out what.

and then it hit me.

the big christmas tree in the corner that was the latest addition to our house was no longer standing as it should be.  no.  it was splayed across the floor in all it's christmas-y glory.

with a small, blonde head peeking out from underneath it.

later that evening i shared the tale with tony. he replied by saying, "well, at least she learned her lesson and won't be doing that again."

i paused and shared what livie stated, surrounded by evergreen and christmas ornaments...

"that was *fun* mama!!!  wanna do it again!!!"

silent and holy nights will *not* be happening here...