october 6, 2001...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

i woke up this morning with the thought that this is our last year in our first decade together.

how crazy is that?

10 years ago, you asked if you could pursue me.

i said "no".

but i didn't really mean it.

and you knew it.

so you pursued me anyways.

and i let you.

because i liked you like that.

and you knew it.

9 years ago, in about 20 minutes i began walking down the aisle.  i couldn't walk to you fast enough.  my eyes locked on yours and i couldn't look away.

i didn't want to look away.

and then you held my hand.

and you kissed me...for the first time.

and i became yours.

i'm yours.


i mentioned today to some women in my moms group, that i feel tired.  that i'm tired of putting on a happy face when i feel like my whole world is collapsing around us.

i'm tired of saying it's all okay, when really, it's not.

i came home, feeling horribly stupid...and then you called.

and i realized, on one of my most favorite days of the whole year, that my whole world isn't falling apart.  sure, bits and pieces may be crumbling from time to time.  but you and your amazing and tireless pursuit of me proves over and over the amazing and tireless pursuit of Jesus.

even in the night, when we disagree and feel far from each other.

even when there have been more tears than laughter.

even when life gets so busy that we keep passing each other at the door...

9 years ago, you made a promise to pursue me.  and true to your nature, you have been true to your word.

i love that about you.  because i know, oh i know, not every woman has been as fortunate.

10 years and 3 days ago, you sat down next to me and before i knew it 3 hours and a skipped class had flown by.

9 years ago, your dad, with such pride in his voice, announced us husband and wife and suddenly i find myself here, wondering how all these years could have gone by us so quickly.

but i love being caught up in this whirlwind with you.

it's a dance i would do over and over again.

because it's with you.

happy anniversary.  i adore you with more love than i know what to do with...