how is it...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

nose to nose, i held her feverish little body close to mine.  followed her down the hall and held the hair back from her face as her tiny frame tried to rid itself of whatever it was that was hurting her tummy.

pressed into my chest were her fists that wouldn't let me go.

a long night passed in 20 minutes shifts; praying, dozing, following, comforting, that didn't really feel that long at all.

i found myself falling in love with my daughter.

and i needed to fall in love with her precious precocious 3 year old self again.

3 am, with my eyes wide open and her head on my chest, i wrapped my arms around her and offered her to Jesus again.

offered myself to Jesus again.

asking for strength, for mercy, for wisdom on this journey of being a mama.  knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that He was as near to me as i was to her.

thanking Him for the blessing of vomit.

thanking Him for His strength that He gives when we are stretched thin as i enter round two tonight with lyla...