Monday, December 6, 2010

i have a bag of potatoes sitting on my right.

a handwritten list on my left.

neither one have anything to do with the other, but tonight i feel the need to document it.


#23 for odd, random things that speak of the oddness and randomness of life.

#24 for the tenacity of one little boy...his determination to climb and conquer all regardless of the tumbles and bruises that result.

#25 for the childlike wonder of christmas.

#26 for two giggly, girlish faces pressed close to mine, breath held as they watch mama assemble the gingerbread house.

#27 for the perfect, straight lines of the older and the random, artistic lines of the younger and how both make the house beautiful.

#28 for the longer moments of play and the inclusion of their younger sibling.

#29 for his patience and gentleness as i adjust to change.

#30 for his arms that hold me close as i mourn.

#31 for the dear friend at the other end of the phone staying strong as i fall apart.

#32 for the reminder that He is here.

#33 for the simple grace of dinner and all of us gathered together.

#34 for the peace He gives.

#35 for the eager want of two girls desperate to help in the kitchen.

#36 for the way a pot of coffee opens up hearts to share.

#37 for the love of my husband that is sure.

#38 for my Heavenly Father.  always, always, i am thankful for Him...