in the early morning...

Monday, January 24, 2011

i tried it this morning,

after all my why's of yesterday had been voiced and cried over...

as the clock moved closer to 5am and little ones were still unsettled and pressed close and there was really nothing else to do...

but remember.

remember how faithful He has been in the darkest days.

not just the recent ones, but the ones from years ago.

i closed my eyes and i went through each one, like tony does when i become overly worried about things i can't control.

because last night, before i crawled into bed and my eyelids became too heavy to remain open and the last why trembled in His presence, i read this,

for the Word of the Lord holds true,
and everything He does is worthy of our trust. (psalm 33:4)


did you catch that?  

that includes things that He allows, things He does, things He brings...




because His word is true.

it doesn't erase pain.  it doesn't erase shock or confusion...but it lifts a heart that feels like it's fighting against a strong current and losing horribly.

so i offer Him my praise, my thankfulness for His faithfulness that is never-ending...

109* the final goodbyes - each one so beautiful despite the pain.

110* for the friends who stood and waved us off...

111* for the sleet, the snow, the rain, the fog - the beauty of His creation.

112* for His protection as tony navigated the roads.

113* for livie's humor and the random things she says.

114* for late night phone calls, for the bond between sisters.

115* that He sees pain and tears and comes near...

116* that in the looking back I can see Him so clearly - His hand, His nearness, His leading.

117* that it gives me hope and trust for today, when everything feels so uncertain.

118* for bright blue skies.

119* for the sunshine that warms my face.

120* for the fire that burns so warm and inviting...

121* and that He meets me there and i find peace in His presence.

122* that everything He does is worthy of our trust...