filled emptiness...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

...her bow is on the strings
and the tune resonates in the open space
to show us how emptiness sings...

i think He is partial to empty spaces.

i think a void brings delight to Him.

it's where His love story for us began, as He consulted as One and Three.

as He hovered over a formless the moments before His created heard His Voice calling them from nothing.

as You called the light into existence, did it shine brighter as the echoes of nothing faded away?

throughout scripture You show Your face most clearly in the moments of lack,

yes, Jesus; empty spaces must be a delight to You.

a life emptied, confessed and cleansed.  offered to You, asking to be filled,  as a wife offers her empty to her husband...and he fills.

He creates His most beautiful, most intricate masterpieces in the hollowed and hallowed.

when He allows choices to be made and different paths taken and He lets me get to the end of myself and i can either become as lot's wife, solidified in an unmoveable, lifeless pillar with my eyes on the path You have allowed for another,


i can look to Him and present myself to my Jesus, asking to be cleansed; made useful and fully whole.

two paths...

i can't move forward until i allow the paths to separate.  until i allow Him to hollow me out so fully, so completely that His Voice resonates and my life opens up in praise.

his voice-box, cleansed of all sound, all noise, song, murmur...



until he opened his mouth to speak what You gave.

his empty was filled when it was filled with You.

my empty will only sing when i am filled with His song.

so, i must choose daily to come, to seek cleansing.  to empty my soul of my sin, my bitterness, my anger, my refusal to obey.  to pour out my concerns, my worries, my loneliness and "rights".

and emptied of me i come to Him, the God of all abundance and ask Him to fill me up full.

to place His words and His songs in me so that what is empty inside doesn't grow heavy with stale, still air, but reverberates with song...

with Him.