dear olivia...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

there was a summer spread on your dinner plate this evening.

time slipped away and the chicken meant for the oven was put back in the fridge and i pulled out the fruit and the pita chips and the hummus and cheese.

tonight was meant for simple fare.

and you sat down and stood up.

sat down and stood up and walked in a circle or two before the questions started up again.

of heaven and of hell...of Jesus and death and papa and if you will get to wear a purple crown and ride a purple unicorn when you finally walk those streets of gold.

i laughed, because you're funny and because your imagination comes up with the most amazing thoughts and because you're you and you make that face, with your mouth all scrunched up to the side and your eyes all big looking up at the sky.

you are a delight.

so, i mentioned again, when you asked how to get there, that what Jesus asks of us is for us to believe that He died for our sins and to say with our mouths that Jesus is Lord and to believe in our hearts that He rose from the dead and when we do that, we will be His...for forever.

you thought for a moment.

and i asked if you would like to talk to Him...

and you said ever so politely,

no thank you.

so i dropped it.

but you brought it up again, so i talked it all through again and asked you gently if you would like to talk to Jesus...

and you said, just as gently,

no thank you, mama.

and i wanted to know why...not to pressure, but because i was curious, so i asked.

and you...

fabulous, hilarious, silly you said,

oh. all right then.

not the most glowing endorsement, i'm sure.


over pita chips and strawberries and hummus and cheese, you scooted your chair all close to mine.

we bowed our heads...our foreheads nearly touching and as i said those precious words that you tried to repeat so perfectly at the same time as me...

His delight for you captured you.

and the angels rejoiced and again, like i did with lyla, i asked Jesus if He could pull papa aside and let him know that someday, there'll be another sweet baker joining the worshiping throng...

and i looked at you, almost nose to nose and i said,

olivia!  Jesus is in your heart!!

and you clasped your hands over your chest and your mouth opened wide when your eyes got even bigger than they are and you shouted in the way you do one inch from my face,

and the angels are dancing in my tummy!!

the theology may be off a bit, but they are dancing sweet girl.

dancing because of you.

i loved being a part of this moment.

and i love you so much.

with all my heart,