drinking Water...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

together we bend over pages spread wide over our kitchen table.

i read the text and she giggles loudly because sometimes the truth stretches our brains wide.

and the words asked the question, begging an answer, "did you know? there is no new water on the earth!"

this past weekend, i stood on sand washed smooth by waves of an ocean that constantly moves.

i had lifted our window that overlooked the surf so i could hear the motion through the dark of the night,

and the thought never left me, that the water that rushed up the sand and crashed over my calves was the very same He spoke into existence and called good.

we walked the beach for hours, i stood in the cold, salt-laden water of the pacific and allowed the water from His lips wash over me.

we come home and it's light across that same old table that needs to wiped and i wonder if the sting of a past will ever go away.

will i ever see my yesterdays as more than my "whys" and "how could i?" and today aches more than normal and i feel like a misfit that keeps blundering and fumbling my way around here.

always hungry like the small ones who live here...always looking for something to fill and than the words, directed at them, come out of my mouth,

drink some water.

drink some water, He whispers into me.

drink My Living Water and i will never thirst again.  words spoken to a woman with ample ammunition stored up to stain memories for years and years to come.

they carry mason jars filled with clear liquid ~ water meant to ease parched tongues and hydrate fluid bodies, constantly asking to be filled when they have drained the jar dry.

do i?  far removed from a child-like mindset, though i am immersed in it everyday, all day, do i clutch my jar close?  stubbornly convinced that i don't need the Life He poured out and willingly pours in?

far too often i go through the motions of a day, carrying my empty spaces around with me.  walking among the living while dying of thirst inside and never lift my need up.  never hold out my life and ask to be filled...

i stood in front of an ocean.  felt the power of the deep.  had the mist kiss my face and wave my hair...

the water He spoke into existence still laps these shores, still pours into me every time i ask.

i must give my need a voice ~ hold out my empty and be filled...