the month of here {day 5}...gifted words

Saturday, November 5, 2011

he whispered it next to me on this floor this evening,  words that found that crack and busted me hopelessly open.

if you had never let God in, let Him love wouldn't be here with me.

i couldn't meet his gaze, because sometimes letting God in...letting Him touch places and wounds means pain.

and so i there are moments that i don't.

elias found a spot of sun resting on my floor, the one freshly washed and scrubbed and the jar of gifted honey, dark and rich, found a place there in the glow.

the fire inside caught me off guard, found me reaching to capture it's beauty.

and then words...sweet words placed in my hands yesterday morning.  how could she have known how deeply they would reach?

and i read it, in the glow of honeyed sun, my soul laid bare by another's pen...

the life i planned

has someone seen the life i planned?
it seems it's been misplaced
i've looked in every corner
it's lost without a trace

i've found one i don't recognize 
things missing that were dear
promises i'd hoped to keep
and dreams i'd dreamed aren't there.

faces i had planned to see
hands i planned to hold
now absent in the pictures
not the way i told.

has someone seen the life i planned?
did it get thrown away?
God took my hand from searching
then i heard Him say,

"child, your ears have never heard
your eyes have never seen
eternal plans I have for you
are more than you could dream.

"you long to walk by sight 
but I'm teaching eyes to see.
I know what I am doing,
'til then, you must believe."

He's done so much, i felt ashamed
to know He heard my moans
to think i'd trade in all He's done
for plans made on my own.

i wept over His faithfulness
and how He'd proved Himself
how He'd gone beyond my dreams
and said to Him myself,

"no, my ears have never heard
my eyes have never seen
eternal plans you have for me
are more than i could dream.

"yes, i long to walk by sight
but You're teaching eyes to see
You know what You are doing
'til then, i must believe."

i felt His great compassion
mercy unrestrained
He let me mourn my losses
and showed to me my gains.

i offered Him my future
and i released to Him my past
i traded in my dreams
for a plan He said would last.

i get no glimpse ahead
no certainties at all.
except the presence of the One 
Who will not let me fall.

are you also searching
for a life you planned yourself?
have you looked in every corner?
have you checked on every shelf?

child, your ears have never heard
your eyes have never seen
eternal plans He has for you
are more than you could dream.

perhaps you long to walk by faith
but He's teaching eyes to see
He knows what He is doing
child, step out and believe.

and i give thanks on this fifth day of this month that finds me here...with words that ring with Truth.