the month of here {day9)...sweet sisters

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

she never slept.

which means we didn't either.

and the oldest began to resent the youngest for always. being. awake.

we've come through some years of turmoil.

so, really, when i snapped the picture of that happy red cup heralding the season, i didn't do so for any other reason than the sheer joy a pop of red can bring.

but then i looked closer and read what was printed on that starbucks red...

let's remember why we go together so well.

and just behind, buckled in side by side, i could hear their voices.

so many times in a day those same voices rise and fall with their emotions,

but they are fiercely loyal to each other.

and that has only deepened since we found ourselves here.

i never had one growing up, a sister of my very own.  God has given me an abundance as i've grown older...but to have one who knows me from the time i was small?

instead, He blessed me with two show me the beauty of this intricate dance.

tonight, a brown box was delivered.

a book was nestled deep inside.

in the quiet i opened the fresh, white pages and almost immediately the tears came to the surface.

you keep your past by having sisters. as you get older,
they're the ones who don't get bored if you talk
about your memories.  ~ deborah moggach

each day that passes is being imprinted on their hearts...each day of here will become a memory that will stay with them and remind them because they will have each other to share it all with.

who will they be outside of here?

beautiful, glorious, wildly passionate, intensely loyal...

and sisters.  they will always and forever be, sisters.

and i give thanks on this 9th day that finds me here...and for the beautiful daughters who are the silliest and sweetest of sisters.