when the journey is long...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

they come quietly,

those words that wrap around and comfort.

like a balm to a wrecked heart,

they draw close

and pull me back to Him.

a true christmas is one that God indwells. it will experience 
pangs and pain. and this christmas, i'll be stretched thin...asked to love to the furthest 
edges of myself, asked to extend grace to the outermost reaches - because how else can 
i grow full and large and round with God?

stretching the shape of a soul hurts.
a. voskamp

how well i know this,

and maybe you do too?

there is a shelf that he made when he was younger,

holds books propped up,

but my 2 oldest?  they use it as a manger.

they lay sweet baby dolls down after "traveling so far" 

on a rocking horse down the hall.

they croon as little marys

over small plastic heads.

and i sit quiet and watch them,

and think of the Bread of Life laid down in a trough.

fitting somehow,

that He who feeds and fills empty hearts would first be laid down in scrap wood meant to be filled with what would give life.

that before He laid down on two beams crossed to save,

He laid down to show that He would fill starving souls.

i think too, of how the journey to a manger is a long one.

a solitary one.

how it is traveled in the dark;

sometimes in pain,

sometimes in fear,

sometimes with confusion...

but always, always it leads to Him.

and He who left His heavenly glory,

to take on the flesh of a man,

can still be found.

can still fill.

and this christmas,

whether your heart is broken or bursting,

come to Him.

make that journey to the manger

and be filled with Him there.

...let us probe the silent places, let us seek what luck betide us;
let us journey to a lonely land i know.
there's a whisper on the night-wind, there's a star agleam to guide us,
and the wild is calling, calling...let us go.
robert service

and from this little corner to yours, may you have a christmas filled with Him and all the wonder He brings. 

 travel to the manger and find Him there.

with love,