when they fly...

Friday, April 20, 2012

unexpected, it is placed in the dark and the quiet of that space and it sits there.

and it waits.

and i don't even know it's there.

like them, all three of them.


placed and knit together by the Hand of God deep within me,

they waited in my dark...

and now they fly.

He gives them for just a few short years,

years that feel long and never ending.

years that hold days and hours and minutes that feel stretched long,

when really,

they fly.

i sense it,

i do.

on days where i sit on the grass out front of our door,

chat with a friend while all the children whir by;

while the sun leaves it's red mark on this skin,

i sense the quickness as their independence grows and my breath is caught in the dizzying speed of time.

and it's that small little package ~

the one he hands me as i sit in the van,

as he waits as i tear into the dark

and light comes flooding in.

and i hold it up and let it spin in the sun and i wear the truth of us around my neck.

time will move.

and they will move on.


someday soon,

my walls will be clean.

my floors, uncluttered.

the air around me, quiet.

but wrapped up in the love of their mama,

they can always,


find home.

so the gift, from the sweetest of friends from far away,

made by talented hands of a sister's friend,

placed in that mailbox halfway down the street...

it slowed the pace for a moment or two,

and i held it,

and it graced me...

all that beauty in this time that is spinning away.