saying goodbye to my little corner...

Thursday, June 27, 2013

if i were going to number posts, this would be post 750.

and it is going to be the very last one.

i'm surprisingly emotional about it - i've known this was going to the be last one for number of weeks, but really...

i'm not that surprised.

this space has been my haven for just over 7 years.

this space has documented each move, each baby, each birthday...

so much of my life is written down in this space.

i'm not good at goodbyes.

which is why the writing here has slowed down...

when i first sat down to "blog", i had to come up with a name for it and having fallen in love with the music of rodger and hammerstein's cinderella i picked from my favorite song, my own little corner.

there's a line, near the middle, that resonated with me - a homebody by nature,

a woman marked deeply by fear.

the words are these:

Just as long as I stay in my own little corner 

All alone, in my own, little chair. 

live quietly,

blog quietly,

don't rock the boat,

live stiffled.

live frustrated.

live closed.

but Jesus, He didn't live and die and rise again for me to stay hidden away in some corner where i could live out a faith small and weak.

He didn't say, go in to all your little corners and sit there until i come back - and lo, I am with you always while you stay hidden and safe.

no. He boldly calls us to go out - 

go. out. into all the world.

and He would be with us in the middle of our leaving our comfort zones and He would be with us in the going...

so. this is my last post in the space, because i can't sit quietly in a little corner anymore...

i am going to be over here, in the midst of the going...

maybe you'd like to come over and join me?