lyla the lionness...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

for the most part, lyla happily sits in her high chair and eats whatever yummy food is placed in front of her. (please stress the word yummy, for i can't cook anything but;).) within the past few weeks however, her concentration has shifted from the delicious selection of all 5 food groups in front of her to the many animals behind her. her favorite happens to be the lion.

i'll be honest. the only animal sound i know from the entire selection of jungleness on the chair is the lion. so i growl with all my might and she whips around and points at the nearest lion she can find. my favorite though is when she is mid-chew and i time the growl just right, food and laughter spew forth from her adorable mouth. doesn't matter that i'm covered in drool, eggs and whatever else was in there (i do know it was delicious though!), i just love that she laughs with such abandon and that she thinks i'm funny. there's no greater audience then that.