happy easter!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

...today we were invited to our friends, ken and sarah, aunty and uncle's house on the lake. it was literally on the lake. the living room jutted out over the water, so whenever i looked out the window, i thought we were moving. i didn't realize that you could get slightly sea sick sitting still. some of lyla's favorite things were the duck who decided the rose bush planter would be a fun place to nest and hatch her 12 eggs. lyla kept trying to look over my shoulder during dinner and quack at her. then there was her first ever easter egg hunt up on the roof. we saw two eagles fly over and found 4 eggs before the rain started to fall.

lyla was also the youngest and only girl amidst a passal of boys. i thought it was sweet how the older boys looked out for her and kept sticking her binky back in her mouth when she would get fussy. looks like she won't have any trouble playing damsel in distress and getting some poor unsuspecting male to notice:).

anyways, here is lyla enjoying the loot. and don't worry, i explained in great detail the real meaning of why we celebrate this amazing day... but she was really more interested in the brightly coloured eggs and chocolate. maybe next year...