the view from up here...

Monday, April 9, 2007

so...i've popped. olivia has decided that it's time to let the world believe that yes, i really am pregnant. no more of the following:
-"i'm pregnant." (of course i'm all smiles at this point...)
-"no, i'm not joking...i'm five months pregnant." (trying to keep smiling...)
-"five months"
-"no, not weeks, months." (the smile may represent at grimace at this point...)
-"seriously, i'm five months pregnant!" (the smile has left the building...)
hopefully at this point, you, dear reader, have gotten the picture. and while it's a blessing in some ways to be able to disguise the fact that i'm carrying another human in my belly, at other times it's not so fun...especially when i have to use the loo and the line of 500 women in front of me refuse to take pity on my urgent prediciment because i DON'T look pregnant. it's easier to wait than to have to go through the above conversation 20 times.

anyways, i horribly digressed...i apologize. it's just a relief to look more ways then one:).

*sammy...i'm not pushing out! it's cute you think that though:). it's the way my back curves...guess it's kind of an optical illusion. but it's all baby.