i should be packing...

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

...but i'm not. these past 3 days have been insane. doctor's appointments, last minute catch-ups, pie, dinner, getting lost. all crazy. all happening during my carefully planned out "getting ready" schedule for leaving for the in-laws. so, instead of crazily getting everything done in 3 hours before i have to leave to view a house where the viewing takes place a 1/2 hour before we have to leave for the airport, i've decided to sit down and write. smart. i know. i didn't get my high school diploma for nothing! (which, someone please remind me to print off my tickets and car rental info...and get my passport...and...there's gotta be 10 bagillion other things...)

anyways, all that to say i'll be unable to post pics for the next couple of weeks. we will be in the glorious mountains of idaho, enjoying some baby-free time and some great family time. can hardly wait. tony definitely needs this holiday more than i do. (see post below.) so if you think of us around 11pm tonight, pray for us. we'll be braving the wilds of the mountains trying to get "home". and knowing tony, he'll be driving like a mad man the closer we get to it. (yes, that was put in just to worry you mom...remember i did find diamond creases this morning:).)