you say good-bye...and i say hello...

Monday, May 28, 2007

the last evening while visiting is always so bittersweet to will be the feeling when i return home tomorrow. tomorrow marks the last few days in our place before we become official home owners. as excited as i am about owning our own piece of land, i've loved all the memories that we've created where we are.

so, my dear friends and family...i won't be able to post or phone or send smoke signals for a while until our new service is all hooked up, or until we can barbeque. either way, i may be too tired to do either:).

but know that none of you will be far from my mind as i wish i were you, comfortably sitting in your unpacked places of residences, sipping whatever you're sipping and enjoying your time on your computer. because soon, i too will prop up my feet and relax and all of this will be behind me. and as crazy as it sounds...i want to hang onto every moment.