hello, hello...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

i'm sitting in front of my computer screen with so many things that i want to type and say but i feel slightly at sea. maybe it's been my month long hiatus from writing things...maybe because it's 11 and the movie i was watching finally finished and now i'm sleepy. maybe it's because olivia is getting so much bigger, making sleep so much harder and so i'd rather be up. despite all that...i'm home.

one i honestly thought was years and years away. i think i mentioned before that tony and i had been praying about purchasing a home and once we resolved ourselves to the fact that it wasn't looking possible until we were ready to move away from the area, that's when this opportunity was literally dumped into our laps.

i'm a little nervous that this experience of buying a house is a little like getting an easy baby the first time around. it seriously was effortless on our part. we were on holiday during discussion...the realtor took our word that we were serious and turned away other offers, everything went through in record time and in some cases earlier then expected which allowed tony to plan the biggest surprise of all.

while in canada, tony and i spent a lot of time on the phone, trying to figure out moving things, etc, while he was supposedly juggling phasing out of his old store and preparing for his new one. i was shocked at the number of hours my husband "had" to put in for his company and began to feel indignant at the unfairness of it all. 14, 15 hours? seriously? i began mentally composing scathing emails to howard to let him know how his policies were in fact causing the decline of the family unit in america.

little did i know.

before i flew back home with my mom in tow to help with the monstrous task of moving, i asked tony if we could possibly stop by the house for a minute, just to show my mom the outside...we didn't even have to go in.

tony hemmed a bit...we did have a late flight...we did have to finish packing the moment we hit the door and settled lyla in...we did have to get up super early to have the apartment cleared out and cleaned before the end of the day...but as long as we just drove by it was totally fine.

so, drive by we did...only, tony had tons of energy and so we all decided to head on in. so while mom and i were getting lyla out of the car, tony snuck into the house and opened up the garage door. and as i turned at the sound my first thought was "how did ben's car get in there?"

not only had my incredible husband packed all of our apartment and moved it over to the house, he recruited tons of incredible people who painted our house from top to bottom (special thanks to celia for my pink kitchen ceiling!! i think of you every time i pull out my pot lids thinking something is wrong with them because of their reflection abilities:) i love you!) and despite already being willing to paint, these dear friends helped load the uhaul and unload and then help put things away. (i'm thinking of you and my kitchen sarah...how you didn't totally fall apart in your pregnant state is beyond me - thank you for your graciousness!) and mom, you went above and beyond what you needed to in order to help me clean. i'm glad we got to do the sucky jobs together:). and despite everything everyone went through, all these people are still talking to us! amazing!

so, all of that to say...i came home after spending a week being loved on and pampered at mom and dad's, to walking into the door of my new place that was already filled with such love and joy because of those around us, but mostly because of you tony. i can't even begin to put into words how treasured you make me feel. the building i walked into wasn't a house...you had already made it a home. i love you.

so know that you all are as welcome as flowers in may.

just make sure you wipe your feet at the door:).

p.s. there are lots of people to thank...i hope you know at this late hour who you are...my brain is fuzzy and i really should go to bed. and thank you doesn't seem to suffice, but thank you will have to do:)