tony's brand new store...

Saturday, June 30, 2007

...opened grandly on june 29, 2007. but first, there was the friends and family pre-opening where everyone got free drinks, food and a major case of claustrophobia. lyla also got to sample many different drinks, all with ample amounts of caffine. yay! which led to a very hyper child trying to run out into the middle of a busy parking lot. we'll just say that the two of us didn't stay for the whole thing:). my uncle david and aunty rachel were also able to make it down to help support tony in this new adventure and have so wonderfully passed on their pictures so i can show you all a tiny bit of all the hard work tony has put in.

so, if you're ever in our area...drop us a line! i can point you to the best coffee shop around!
lyla, aunty rachel and me

my handsome, tired husband and caffinated baby.

free food!!

don't know who these two are...but i'm sure i'll find out!

lyla and i are on the right hand side talking with ken and sarah...logan is nearby i'm sure, and tony is in the back right hand corner talking to a customer...or someone i know, i can't remember. i just remember feeling really warm...