happy post-nap 4th of july...

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

so, after realizing that maybe lyla is fussy during the day because of the heat (thanks mom:).) i went out and got her a wading pool. smart one that i can be, i got it before we got a hose. i thought it would be fine, but by the 30th trip with a bucket (seriously), i hadn't made much progress, so off to home depot we went. got the hose, filled up the pool (too full) and sat it out in the sun to warm up while lyla had her nap.

needless to say, she wasn't too impressed until i put her tent inside and hid her duckie behind the door. and i think her soggy swimpants didn't help matters either, but eventually she got in and played...got out and ran around and then got in and played again. we'll keep working on it! as you can tell, grass finally won her over, so the pool should too!