happy pre-fireworks 4th of july...(or sisters, cousins and future in-laws...)

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

this picture was taken about 15 minutes before bedtime...normally she is really happy to share the lime-light with others:).we threw a bbq this evening with tony's family and the mcfarland's and while the guys were checking some stuff out on the computer in the office, us girls had a brainwave to take a picture of all 4 girl cousins together...a little early, but to us? a BRILLIANT idea!
(l to r: lyla, me, olivia, madeline, andrea, sarah)
and here is noah getting introduced to olivia. i'm hoping that he'll see past the sharpie face to the true beauty that she is going to become. lyla was just excited to see a baby:).

so, as i sit here at the computer listening to the fireworks going off around me (and lyla is sleeping through it!!) i hope that you all had a safe and happy holiday! and to my canadian friends and family, i hope that you had a lovely canada day weekend and a wonderful day at work today:).