happy post-fireworks 4th of july...

Thursday, July 5, 2007

as i turned off my computer last night, i realized that i had nothing to write about the after part of the fireworks display. almost seems comical with what i woke up to this morning...

this morning tony woke me up at 5:30 asking where his work shirts were - his subtle way of asking for a kiss:). so, when he came up the stairs 5 minutes later with his next question i said "yeah right"' and began to roll back over. the question being: "did you let anyone borrow the car last night?"

i had so many sarcastic comments to throw back that would have been hilarious if i hadn't looked at his face a bit closer. (when you wear glasses like me, it takes a minute to see past the bleariness...)

"our car is gone."

gone? as in gone, gone?

needless to say, a 911 phone call was placed, a strong husband took his brother's car into work, i cried when i realized that our carseat and stroller where taken, fear took hold when there was a knock at the door and then sheer mortification set in when the police officer walked in my door and all i was wearing were my pajama's...seriously, what is it with me and pajamas and embarassing moments lately? i think i'm just going to go to bed from now on fully clothed...

i know in my head that all things work together for good...but when push comes to shove it's really hard to see how, you know? so i'm trying to look past all the things that we need to replace, ie 2 carseats now instead of one, a stroller and what else...oh yeah, a car and place my trust completely in knowing that He knows. He knew when our car was being driven out of our driveway. He knew that our main mode of transportation was being taken. He knows how He's going to provide.

i'm overwhelmed and scared, but i know Who is in control and that He knows why it happened. so i can trust. doesn't mean i won't have my questions...but i'm pretty sure He's enough to handle those too:).